Joy Steiner tells stories with a sense of adventure. She has backpacked over snow cornices still clinging to the mountains in July; canoed past cottonwoods cluttered with great blue heron nests, leapt into icy high mountain lakes green with glacier dust; and snorkeled with barracuda in the warm gulf waters of Mexico. These experiences inspire her performances of original stories and world folk tales. They color her storytelling and writing classes. Listeners are drawn to Joy’s exuberant zest for life.

Joy offers:

  • Multicultural Stories
  • Earth Tales
  • Deeds of Small Brave Heroes
  • Library Programs
  • Festivals

  • School Residencies
  • Storytelling and Writing Workshops
  • Storytelling for Educators
  • Storytelling in the Curriculum
  • Preschool to Adult
  • Award winning recordings and books

P is for Potato
Written by Stan and Joy Steiner and illustrated by Jocelyn Slack.
Part of the Discover America State by State series.
Book $16.95

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